... and Oteogo
was born!

And Oteo was born

During the COVID lockdown, there was a need for parents to create activities that: will entertain kids, keep them active and keep their brains in motion. That is where Mayra Ríos, inspired by a game from her childhood “Veo Veo” (where the first letter of an object inside a room was the only clue the kids will have to guess the name) Oteogo, was born.

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With innovative technology in mind, it evolved into a game that uses augmented reality to entertain kids, while they expand their vocabulary, enrich their knowledge and as a great bonus, move around!

It is an excellent tool for tutors, schools, therapists, and parents.


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February 2019

Oteogo was created as part of a project in a JavaScript Certification course in San Juan, PR. The game won 1st place in the MIC DROP Awards.

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May 2019

The game won the 2019 Top Ten Games as part of an event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in PR.


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April 2020

Oteogo won 3rd place in the Evertec programming challenge for its ability to help children play in the Covid-19 lockdown.


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May 2023

Oteogo evolved into an EdTech platform available for parents and teachers alike. Oteogo is edutainment with gamification in a non-sedentary game to visualize 3D images and pair them with the name. It is active learning. During the game, statistics are captured to measure execution.

About Mayra

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About Mayra

With a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, major in Computerized Information Systems (S.I.C.I.), a Post-graduate in Web Development and other certifications, Mayra’s background became of significant importance in creating Oteogo, a creative tool that stimulate active learning by eliminating the sedentary part of the process.