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Meet your kids new play date, a fun interactive game that makes learning more active & enjoyable.

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Recognition and awards

Learning made awesome!

Teaching through play

Kids will learn new vocabulary and different topics to enrich their minds.

Keeps Kids Moving

Learning interacts with physical movement for a fun process.

Has a range of topics

An assortment of themed games helps develop cognitive attributes, rationality, and emotional intelligence.

How Oteogo works

Step 1

Get the Oteogo card deck.

Step 2

Scatter the cards around the room facing down.

Step 3

Choose a game from our gallery.

Step 4

Press GO and start the search!

Some of our favorite games

World Houses

World Houses

Habitats can be big like a forest or they can be much smaller like a burrow. Some animals defend a



It originated as a Christian feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint



The first form of transport was walking! Before humans learnt how to domesticate animals like horses



Toys are the objects that we play with. They can be anything from simple pieces of string and

The Stars

The Stars

How are constellations named? Most of the constellation names we know came from the ancient Middle

Sweet 1

Sweet 1

The earliest sweet that people have eaten since prehistoric times was honey. The origins of

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See what people are saying

As an educator, I understand that Oteogo is aligned with the new reality in education. In the old days the use of the electronic devices was prohibited in the school environment. Today is a necessary tool.

Prof. Jeannette Milland Vigio

Education in technology and Computer Science Academic Area
La realidad virtual tiene que integrarse a los procesos educativos. Debemos tomar en consideración el tiempo que se dedicara a estas estrategias y modalidades educativas, de acuerdo a la etapa en la que se encuentra el ser humano y conocimiento a desarrollar.

Sra. Yelitza feliciano Sánchez, MAED

Vicepresidenta Ejecutiva/Rectora interina Recinto de Hato Rey, PR Dewey University
Hace 15 años atrás, para enseñar vocabulario, sacaba copia de imágenes para lograr visualización de los temas individuales. ¡Había niños que ni habían ido a la playa nunca! …así que la imagen era crucial…

Sra. María E. Figueroa

Maestra retirada de escuela pública y privada con 30 años de experiencia Caguas, P.R.